Canine Supreme is dedicated to providing Customer Service that is above the rest. This page is dedicated to our clients and their new Canine Supreme puppy. 

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It was a relief Canine Supreme did not treat the entire process of “buying a dog” as if it were an itemized transaction. Canine Supreme was patient with all the questions my family had and thorough with all their answers. Our family could not be more happy with our bulldog who has a personality larger than his short/stout body leads you to believe!


Canine Supreme stayed in touch with me and answered all of my questions every step of the way. His product is guaranteed and was delivered exactly when required down to the minute as needed per a time sensitive situation. I would definitely do business with him again, not based off of all this but based off the quality of his dogs in his program. King Blouis' sperm was potent and I'm eyeing another dog potentially for next time.


We are so pleased with our boy Louie. We love him so much. He has a great temperament. He is so funny and he loves to cuddle. When Louie's  litter became available, I loved loved loved them. I had recently lost a dog and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go down that path again with another animal and responsibility but it couldn’t have happened at a better time. Rob is a master mind at his craft. I would definitely recommend Canine Supreme and Rob Espinoza!!!


This girl is the light of our family, she loves little kids and takes any opportunity to make us laugh. She gets stopped any where and everywhere. The groomer likes to keep her in her office rather than in the waiting area just to hang out with her. The neighborhood children come knock on our door so they can play with her. We honestly couldn’t have asked for a more perfect addition to our family.


We got a black tri female we named her Nova, she’s so nice and wrinkly. We are from Dallas and they were very nice to meet us half way, in other words our experience with canine supreme was simple and  awesome.


Working with Rob has really been great, he's gone out of his way to ensure we made our breeding happen. We now have 4 healthy little English bulldog puppies. 

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